Shadow on png image causes white pixelated edge around png

Hi All,

I’m setting up product posts for a client in Figma. I have png files exported from photoshop, and imported them in Figma. I want to add a shadow, but it creates a strange white pixelated edge around the png. I have tried to contract te selection in photoshop to make sure there is no white space or what so ever, but it doesn’t help. When i add the shadow in photoshop I don’t have the problem, but I want to add them in Figma so I have more freedom later on in the project. See images below (dark blue bg = photoshop, light blue bg = Figma)

Is this a bug or has anyone an idea what is going on?

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I would appreciate it, too, if someone could answer this question.
It only happens on lighter backgrounds. When the background turns dark, the issue usually disappears.