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Set visibility of certain frames to owner/editor only

I share designs directly on Figma almost every day either through direct link, screen share, or the observe feature. While this flexibility is extremely helpful, I have to keep my pages clean and remove any “exploration” or in-progress screens that could confuse the product/dev team.

The easy solution is to just keep those screens on a separate page, but I like designing in one place so I don’t have to jump back and fourth and can see things in context. Two potential features/improvements:

  1. Allow the ability to set a frame visibility to “owner” or “editor” only. Then when you are sharing with non-designers, your in-progress screens still live wherever you want but they won’t cause a distraction to others.

  2. Create a “presentation mode” and allow ability to unselect screens you don’t want in that mode, or vice versa. Potentially set certain users’ view permissions to “presentation only”.

Interested if others use Figma in a similar way or have any other thoughts!

Good idea! I’m wondering if this can be solved with a plugin that either hides/shows layers with specific names or moves them to a different page and back?

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