Separate better Pages and Layers on the left bar

I’ve had the issue, that when sharing my Figma files with people who aren’t well-versed in Figma, such as clients. They often struggle to discover that they need to push down the divider line between the pages and layers to access all the pages. Additionally, the layers aren’t particularly relevant to them. In my view, there could be a more intuitive separation just like there is now between the layers and the assets, similar to how Framer accomplishes this, for better user experience.

Hi Sayda_Alvarez, thank you for your feedback. We will note that you would like a better separation between Pages and Layers on the left bar to the team!

In the meantime, as a workaround, I suggest you to hide the left sidebar, you can find it under View>Panels:

PS: Do not also forget to vote up your idea!