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Send mass email as Figma admin

As a Figma organization admin, I would like to be able to send out an email to all registered users in my organization. My Figma instance has around 900 members, so it’s fairly burdensome to handle this in any sort of manual way. I could just export the .csv of the users page and create a mailing list through my company’s systems, but that would quickly become out of date.

This would be helpful to ask everyone to make sure sure they have the right role assigned for billing purposes, communicating changes to how teams are structured, or really anything that I would want all Figma users in my company to know.

It would be nice if within the admin section, I had a place to put in text for an email, and maybe also select the type(s) of users that I want to receive the email. Users would then receive a nice email on Figma “letterhead” that contains my message and comes from some sort of “[company]” address. Replies could just be forwarded to the email address on my account, and potentially all of the other admins’ emails.

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I would love to see this feature. I would also like to have the possibility to make global announcements to all users or a group of users shown as a banner in figma. Similar to the messages you see as an admin in case you haven’t payed your invoice.

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You can kind of do this already:

  1. Go to the members list, select all members (with the checkbox next to the “Name” column). Optionally you can apply some filters first, to send an email only to guests or editors, or people who haven’t been active in the last x months.

  2. At the floating panel that will appear bottom center, select “copy emails”

  3. In your email client, plaste them into the To: field. They will be added separated by semicolons, so ready to send.

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