Selling on Figma Community - Move file to drafts?

Hi, I’ve just been approved to sell on the Figma Community, has anyone gone through this process, and if so, can you answer:

  • When I selected the file I wanted to sell, it says I have to move it to the “Drafts” section, instead of doing so from a team, there is also a “Preview” version that only displays one page
  • Is the file in Drafts the main file you’re selling? And does it also handle the “Preview” file?
  • Or do you have to clone the file to become the preview file?

Any clarification on this would be great, thanks! :slight_smile:

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@christopherdeane did you ever get an answer or figure out a solution?

I was wondering this exact same thing. It’s really confusing to me. If you move to Drafts, you lose your Pro features that aren’t available in your Drafts (like Variables, unlimited version history, etc.) That’s why I’m thinking we duplicate it before publishing it to the Community. But then how does that work if we push out updates? It needs to be connected to a source file, and duplicating breaks that.

Did you contact support? I just filed a ticket with them asking what the recommended solution is here. Wish this was documented in their help center too.

@megaroeny Unfortunately no. And our assumptions are correct.

To sell an item on the Figma Community, you have to duplicate it and move it to “Drafts”, if it’s a design system, like my library, that means you have to now maintain two versions of the same file as the one that is now in drafts is the one that gets updated for your customers.

Because of this I’ve had to remove Scale (My DS) from the community, until they can fix this issue.

The ideal outcome would be:

  • DS library lives in teams, so you have your history and features
  • When you publish a branch of that library is created that now lives in “Drafts”
  • Any update to the master file in teams, gets inherited in the drafts file, where you can publish updates for the customers who have paid for the file.

They have the capability to do this, I just need to get it through to the right people on their end. Maybe I’ll have to come out of Youtube haiti-us and make a video about this.

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Oh man… What a pain. :pensive: I was thinking of doing at least an initial launch but then if there needs to be any updates it sounds like it’s not worth it.

I still don’t get why technically it needs to be in your Drafts too. :thinking: