Self Propagating Component - Can It Be Done?!

Hi All,

So I have read on John Conways Game of Life. Read up on the Wikipedia or you can play the “game” here to see how it works .

Anyways, it got me thinking, can any of you see a way or an existing example for someone to create a component that is self multiplying or self propagating? In a nutshell: Is there a way to instigate a component action (through a button press or hover), that creates a replicating effect on that component (i.e. one creates a double, then that same (or another?) action is done on each of those “offspring”, and so on and so forth.

Currently I appear to have reached a dead end, where Figma doesnt allow for a component to be called upon in another component in a multiplying fashion.

I may be doing something wrong though so would love to see if others can make some magic happen.

Yes I realize that this may cause illogical outcomes and/or figma to crash, but that’s the fun part.

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here is the link to a playground file (very rudimentary) showing some of the approaches that were dead ends.