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If hitting selects children within a selected parent, why doesn’t the <> or <shtft + Return> take you to the direct parent instead of the overall parent? Does anyone know if you can navigate, using keyboard commands through parent/child hierarchy one step at a time back up after drilling down through using .

My expected behaviour would be that either <> or <shtft + Return> would go backwards up the selection chain. Does anyone agree? Does anyone know of a way to step back up one selection at a time after drilling down via clicking?

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. If I understand correctly, is the attached video showing your expected behavior? I just pressed Enter and Shift Enter.

Could you check your keyboard layout as well? You can do this by going to the “?” in the app and selecting “Change keyboard layout…”. Depending on your keyboard layout, you might need to adjust your settings. You can double-check the keyboard settings for your specific layout here:

I hope these help but please let me know if I miss something important!


Hi Toku, thanks for the really helpful response. Please find my examples below

You can see in the first version I have emulated your set up but using grouping instead of frames and auto layout, in which case SHFT + RTN does not work as expected. In the second example that is the actual use case. Pressing RTN works perfectly!!! But in reverse… does not work at all… :cry:

Hey Toku, I also looked at the keyboard layout and changed to my actual setting, was QUERTY U.S > Mac U.K - but changing that did not help sadly.

Hey James,

My apologies for the late response! Thank you for sharing the video recording, it has provided valuable insight. As you’ve observed, the Shift + Enter command might not work as intuitively with a complex layer structure.

Sadly, the only workaround at the moment is to manually select a layer. However, I assure you that I will pass along your feedback to our internal team!internal team!

Thanks for your patience.

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