Selecting small items instead of scaling them while zoomed way out

Hi – when I’m viewing the canvas from a zoomed out view, is there a good way to select a very short item on the screen (like a 2px tall but very wide rectangle) without having to either:
a. get my cursor to the exact y-positions (2 pixels high, it seems) where it acts as a drag handle instead of a scale handle
b. zoom way in to make it easier to select the object, click-and-drag-it into position while zoomed way in, and then zoom back out again

I’ve tried all kinds of shift/control/option/command keyboard gymnastics to see if there is way to tell Figma I’m just looking to select the object and drag it rather than change the object’s dimensions, but have not yet found a combination that works.

Hoping there is a method somewhere to tackle this Fitt’s Law-related experience challenge.

Thank you!

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