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Selecting emements and layer

I’m newbie here, and i’ve been searching for the topics i’m looking for, but i still can’t find a solution, hopefully somebody can help me with this.
I’m new to Figma, but i’ve used Illustrator and XD previously.

In Figma, when i wanna select an element, i click on the element (let’s say a rectangle),
the whole layer will be selected (the whole block).
I need to double click the element, an the single element will be selected.
But when i wanna select multiple elements,
let’s say

  • rectangle
  • wordings in rectangle
  • wordings on top of rectangle
    When i double click on each of the above elements, sometimes the whole layer is selected again (whole block).
    Can i prevent automatically selecting whole layer?
    If i lock the layer, of course everything could not be select then.
    I don’t understand why the whole layer is auto selected, as the area was big, everytime i click on any of the elements, by default, the whole block will be selected first.

Is there any settings to change this?

Thank you.

Hold Cmd (mac) or Ctrl (win) and click for deep select instead of top-level select.

oic… thank you so much :grinning:

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