Select same nested layer/instance


I have a stack of instances of a list component. Is it possible to select multiple nested layer/instances with keyboard + cursor?

Something like “Select all with same instances” does, but with cursor? Currently I need to click down the hierarchy with shift in each instance.

//its possible with some instances in outline mode. But not consistent and also switching to outline mode for selection is not ideal.

If the layer has a file and at least 1% transparency it works. If it’s 0% transparency, I can’t select the instance anymore.

Ok, I narrowed it down.

Basically you can select multiple nested layers by using CMD + SHIFT + CLICK, if they have a solid fill or are text. It’s not working if the component is transparent or has no fill.

Add a linear gradient and set both ends to opacity 0. They instance will be clickable, but no visual change is needed.