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Select same layer in multiple variants


I’m working on a component with 6 properties and 4 states. This entails a lot of variants, so I am wondering - is there a way to quickly select the same layers in each variant to apply changes in bulk? E.g. select the background layer of each of say 120 variants with a command, rather than going through 120 variants, unfurling each one until I get to the background element, and individually applying an opacity change?


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You can select the component frame with all the variants and navigate through the nested layers until you get to the background layer by clicking “enter/return” (this works assuming all variants have the same layer structure).

It might also help to use one of the select all shortcuts to quickly change a bunch of variants:

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Thanks for the tip, moving up/down with enter/shift+enter makes this a lot easier.
An alternative I found was plugins like similayer or A-selector, which also do what I wanted with even more control.


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