Select next layer while multi-selecting

I am working on a page that contains multiple instances of a component.
The component contains a list element and multiple list-items.
Some instances of this component have only one of these list-items visible and all the other list-items hidden.

How do I select all the list elements in this page, and then only the first child of them?
(I need to select the first list-element within the list and change its visibility)
(Later on, I will need to select the second list-item and change its visibility)

Edit: Using Tab to “Select next sibling” does not work while multi-selecting. :frowning:

Hi mate! Try this plugin: Navigate Multiple Siblings | Figma Community

  1. Select multiple (same) instances.
  2. Press Enter key to enter the instance.
  3. Use plugin to move through siblings.

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This is great! Thank you very much! :smiley:

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