Select a Variable Layer like Photoshop Smart Objects

Good Evening from Germany,

For almost the last 15 years, I was a heavy Photoshop user on the side and with variables and component properties, Figma elevated to another level. My current job is to build a design system and currently we are refactoring our UI Kit, which leads to heavy and big variables, a lot of trying, trial and error, and so on. Today, I longed for a way, to only focus on the variable layer in order to misclick or misselect everything else on my artboard and have my boundaries set towards the variable.

This would be the equivalent of Photoshops Smart Objects or Illustrators’ focus to open certain layers and work in them.

So, that is the whole idea: Let us focus on certain layers in order to use the full feature set and its hotkeys without distraction, misclicks, or not being able to select all without shortcuts.


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