Seeing message when attempting to Review and merge changes

We are unable to review and/or merge a few branches.

We are seeing a message that doesn’t give further information: “This file looks like it might be affected by a bug that was recently reported on the beta forums. We have temporarily disabled the ability to merge this particular branch in order to make sure that your data is merged properly. If these changes you are trying to merge need to be made urgently, we ask that you create a new branch and re-make these changes by hand in that new branch”.

Is there more information that can be provided? Like do we know an estimated time frame it will take to resolve the issue so that I can make the call for my team to wait or create a new branch. What is the bug that was reported on the beta forums?

This resolved itself by the next day, but it will still be nicer to have better action items here. Thanks!

This is still unresolved for us and tbh quite unacceptable. Either ranching needs to be properly coded or we need better merge tools