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Search should extend to Project & Team Descriptions

After searching through your support forum, I’ve come to find that organization is a key use-case, and more specifically your ability to support tagging. Search is being used more, but I also find organizing a bit of a pain, especially when trying to tag our own projects to match initiatives, epics and certain stories. This would help our development and product teams find information easier.

My suggestion would be mitigate most concerns with tagging IMO.

  1. Enable the description boxes for projects and teams to be searchable. This is a HUGE missed opportunity! I’ve tested this, and tbh was rather shocked when certain keywords where not showing up when I searched them.

  2. Allow for adding hashtags as keywords. Personally the ability to place keywords at any entity level (team, project, file) would be very useful, but just the idea of having hashtags accessible as a common and established pattern for everyone would be a win win.

Something to think about folks!

PS. You all kick ass, and this product is still exceeding my expectations.

PPS. Want to be more kickass - work on more integrations!!!

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