Search isn't discovering page titles

Search terms used to locate pages in files, but stopped working. This seems to be a bug.

Use case example:

  1. Designers created pages within a file that were named after specific Jira stories. i.e. JIRA-1234. This way all related stories would be within the same Figma file.
  2. When searching in Figma UI for a file designers and developers could search the Jira story (JIRA-1234) and it would show the file and file page with that tile.
  3. Upon selection of the search result, the file link would take you directly to the page within the file that was searched (named JIRA-1234).

This type of search no longer works. It doesn’t discover and recommend the appropriate files either. This was a capability that was frequently used within our teams and is no longer available.

Please bring it back. <3

@Jacquie is logging this bug. I can’t seem to log out of our SAS design ops account in the support forum and use my account to make this ticket. Anywho, this is needed for our company!

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