Search in Version History

Using the Version History in a Production Setup (Documenting changes, without maintaining an extra file) is nearly impossible without a searchable version history.
i would love to be able to search for titles in the history, as i am tying ticket names to merge requests.

I would also appreciate this when looking through archived branches!

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@AlicePackard yes please.

i mean, figma for massive projects sill seams a little inefficient

  1. I’d love to see Figma enable a search history, so that users can search for copy, then search for different copy, and simply select a recently searched term rather than memorize and type that copy again. I run into situations where I need to make edits in bulk… this would help me remember what the copy I just looked for was.
  2. Being able to return to where I was before I clicked a link to a section of the site would be a nice feature. Like when you choose an instance and want to go back to where you were previously - but this would be for links to screens or sections within the page.

Would also like this feature and would be helpful when wanting to find an old idea that was added manually in version history.

Would love to have the version history be searchable, but also available in the new Dev mode. I am labeling my versions by Jira ticket #. It would ALSO also be amazing if I could select a specific part of the file for the version tag… like WHERE exactly the update occurred.

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It would be super helpfull to just search for a Version and not need to scroll through all versions…

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