Search in Version History

Using the Version History in a Production Setup (Documenting changes, without maintaining an extra file) is nearly impossible without a searchable version history.
i would love to be able to search for titles in the history, as i am tying ticket names to merge requests.

I would also appreciate this when looking through archived branches!

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@AlicePackard yes please.

i mean, figma for massive projects sill seams a little inefficient

  1. I’d love to see Figma enable a search history, so that users can search for copy, then search for different copy, and simply select a recently searched term rather than memorize and type that copy again. I run into situations where I need to make edits in bulk… this would help me remember what the copy I just looked for was.
  2. Being able to return to where I was before I clicked a link to a section of the site would be a nice feature. Like when you choose an instance and want to go back to where you were previously - but this would be for links to screens or sections within the page.