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It would be great if FigJam has a search component, so you can easily find notes on the board.

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BIG +1, just ran a brainstorming session with my team and am copy/pasting the notes into a doc for easier organization/sharing. It would be tremendously helpful if I can search back through the Figjam for text so I can look up who said what (sticky notes are copied without the username attached).

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This is a huge hole. I’m advocating for my team to use the org chart widget & just realized that you can’t search for someone by name because … there is no search. No CTRL+F in the browser. Nothing.

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I currently have a team plan for mural, as soon as figjam has integrated search I will drop that plan. I need it for affinity mapping research. Pease add search!!!

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I second that, it was my most used feature in Mural for research synthesis.


A big plus one from me. After interviewing 15 people and documenting the sessions with Empathy maps, the ability to use a CMD + F type feature to locate sticky notes containing specific keywords would have been a massive time saver.


How am I supposed to search for anything after a huge ass workshop @_@


Need, need, need this. Commenting for reach!

What a nightmare

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