[!] Search doesn't work at all any more since today

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I cannot even find a file listed in recent files

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no special context (both on desktop and web)

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Guess it’s temporary but in case you didn’t realize it.


I have the same problem. Reboot or something else doesn’t help

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I have the same problem with all my drafts since yesterday, 27 Jan 2022.

Search does not work.
It says "No files matching … "

I restarted my PC, tried on another PC, cleared the cache, it did not help.

Nothing returns in searchfield:

Thanks for your message. Guess, my case is a result of the same issue.

Yep, same here, It’s not finding any files

Same here, search is currently unusable. This should be urgently fixed.

Please search for existing topics before post! Press :mag: at the upper right to search.

Seems the feature was fixed :slight_smile: I can use the “search” again. Thanks!

Can anyone else here confirm that search is back to normal for them?

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Just wanted to drop a final comment to confirm this should now be resolved :smiley:

If you notice search acting up again, please feel free to send me a PM or start a new topic.

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