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Search and replace

I could not find a function to search and replace text in a design, did I missed it?
Could it be possible to include a simple search and replace function in text elements so that repeatedly text can be replaced easily?

I work with prototypes and they include a large number of screens so that I can connect them based on the option selected or clicked in the previous screen. I would normally duplicate my screens and then I work each one of them to make the needed changes - if I discovered that there is misspelled word in all my screens I need to go one by one to do a change - search and replace would help make that task easier.
Other instance, I copy an existing prototype which now I need to update for a different use case and I need to change all the headers of the screens - search and replace would also be very helpful.

Is just a suggestion.


Hi @Ernesto, you can use plugins that allow you to do this. You can see some of them at the link below:

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Thank you @tank666 I am quite new to Figma and did not know a plug-in could do the work. :ok_hand: :+1:

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