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Scrolling issues

I have big issue to create responive designs I have imagined.
My case:

  1. The sub page contains external components for main menu consists of two Items. It has in his parent element auto layout turned on, when ever I add or change something it should do it on each other page, but I use only the child components on the screendesigns.
    I have created a second version from this main menu for a second state. Other than the default this one has only the sub page titles without little descripe text on it, so this menu options are a little smaller and take less screen space (means more space for page content)
    The transition should start, when the user is scrolling down on the Mobilversion. The second state should follow the user during scrolling on the top screen.
    At the moment I have created two identical sub pages with diffrence, one with the big menu and one with the smaller menu. On the default state-page I set up in prototype “Interactions> touch down, navigate to: page with smaller menu, Animation Move out to top Ease out” and “Overflow: Vertical scrolling”
    But that does not help. :frowning:

  2. The second menu for general links (Contact, Impressum, etc.) work similar but has only one state. And I use only the child compontents, as well. Its using auto layout in the parent component. However, It cannot placed under the page content on the screendesign, when I want to emulate a scrolling display (means the work space has the size of a mobil screen) this menu stays on the bottom line of the Mobil page not under the content. But I do not want this. After all in the presentation mode the first menu (child component should act like descriped in 1. and second menu (child component) under the page content on the bottom line at the end of a page.

Thanks for help. :slight_smile:

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