Scrolling and clickable carrousel

Hi, I am trying to make a carousel, but I would like it so that the user is able to click through elements in the carousel and able to swipe through elements in the carousel. Is this possible?

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By “click through elements”, do you mean clicking elements to center them in the carousel?

Hi @Avokadomos By clicking I mean, a little button on the side that you can click and it takes you to the next image, but also have horizontal scrolling so if I don’t want to click I can just scroll

You’ll have to do a variant for every item that you have, with different carousel positions. It can look weird when you scroll manually and then click a button, because it won’t recognize where you have scrolled to and just jump to the next item (which you might already have scrolled past).

Here’s a demo:

Thank you so much @Avokadomos! I will have a bash at making this work!

You’re welcome! Let me know if there is any confusion, or if you have further questions. Otherwise, consider clicking the checkbox under my previous comment to mark your thread as solved.