Scroll to interaction works for some elements but not others

The “scroll to” interaction to enable clicking on elements and jumping to a different part of the page seems buggy.

In my prototype it works in some places and doesn’t work in others. Using the exact same settings I have 2 identical buttons the one when clicked scrolls fine to the selected location, the other does nothing.

I can see the prototype line linking the button to the location and the settings for the interaction are all the same.

Boggling my mind really.

Are there any special rules which could make one element scroll and another not?

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Two things to check:

  1. Is your scrollable frame actually large enough to scroll to the desired location?
  2. Do you have offsets for x and y that might be affecting the scroll location?

Actually, reading your question a little more it sounds like the issue is more some buttons work to scroll and some others don’t … that sounds more like a bug. If you can share a link for others to check and troubleshoot, that might be helpful.

Thanks @ntfromchicago.

It’s the first time I post in these forums but it’s telling me I cannot post links in my post nor in comments is that normal?

Hmm, maybe you don’t get that permission until you post a little more? Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you.

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