SCIM Integration with Okta (Use of API)

Hi, Community!

Currently, Figma account is provisioned by Okta.

I want to grant OKTA users to Figma with “restricted-viewer” authority by default but I do not know how to do it.

I have tried to find options or attributes within the current Figma application’s Sign-on setting in Okta but so far I cannot find the way to modify it.

With this reason, I tried to create test-figma-application in Okta with API integration in provisioning tab but I have no idea what the API credential is.

In the Figma’s admin setting, I have found SCIM setting but it does not provide the credential and it has “Revoke token access…” and I am afraid what will happen if I click the “Revoke …” link.

  1. I would like to know what happens if I click “Revoke” link in “SCIM Provisioning” menu.
  2. If it is revoked, is there any impact on current Figma users provisioned by Okta?
  3. After revoked, can the API token be recovered or re-generated?
  4. I tried everything as the Tutorials are explained ( but it does not work well. What I can do more?

Please share your experience in provisioning Okta account with Figma authority (viewer, restricted-viewer, editor)

Thank you!