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Scaling back a full design for a POC

Hello Forum

I have created some design files that contain more content in them than we will be delivering in our first proof of concept. I wanted to be able to design with the future features in mind but I don’t want to be showing all of these in the design for the POC.

I wanted to ask what the best way to deal with this is? Is it to just hide the layer of the items that we are not using in the POC or is there a better way to handle this?

Thank you

This is not really a figma-specific question, but when I have a situation like this I tend to do the MVP or proof-of-concept prototype on a separate page in the Figma file. I don’t like hiding major pieces of content in my frames. So if it were me I would just duplicate the future version page, call the new page “MVP” (or whatever), and then delete things that didn’t make the cut for initial release. I like to use pages to represent different releases or points in time. That way each page is like a time capsule and you’re not blending present and future states in a single prototype.

This is just one way of approaching it though. The way you described is like something I used to do in Photoshop called layer comps and I always found it hard to manage.

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@Brian_Saunders thanks for that reply, yes that is a good idea so thank you for suggesting the separate pages.

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