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Save progress and Error Log

I got two ‘thematic’ feedbacks. I’ll split them into two

  1. Lack of visual feedback of save progress when it takes longer than usual*
    Right now I’ve recently started working on a massive design system with a lot of components in it. By a lot, I mean A LOT. As 20+ people are using the library at the same time, the option to start over is not an option at all. And sadly this was an import from sketch file and many many odd stuff that I have to clear out. And it’s quite often when I try to close down the page I get an warning that the file is still saving OR not saved due to something. And every time I see that dialog window I do have a mini heart attack haha. So avoid myself doing the same habits that I do on normal files, would be a great to have a visual feedback that there’s a save process going on. So I wouldn’t end up having an actual heart attack :frowning:
    tl:dr: is it possible to have a progress bar or a percentage view when saving takes longer than usual?
  2. Meaningful Error logs
    This is coming from the same file. Sometimes (rarely) I do get an error saying that the file is not published. I’m using the desktop client and even though it’s saved, due to complexity ( I guess ) there have been a couple of times I couldn’t publish the library. I’ve tried to dig into console to see the what was the issue but to be fair, it was too technical for me to understand. Is it possible to have an error log or an more explanatory feedbacks on some cases when an error occurs rather than just a ‘library can’t be published’ toast msg?
    tl:dr some error msgs are not that clear and console errors hard to make sense out of it - for a non dev designer.