Sandbox within Component Tutorial

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I’m curious if there’s a way to create a design sandbox within a figma file that essentially resets whenever someone new accesses the file?

Asking as my team is creating a ‘How to Build Components’ tutorial, and I’d love to integrate an area within the parent file where people can build without having to create a new file and import our components each time.

My hope is that some type of interactive preview section, similar to what Storybook provides on the Dev side, exists for this purposes. Each person’s build could be wiped or reset with each session so that anyone viewing the file would inherently get a clean slate to build & test their components.

One solution is that we could just have folks create a new page or entirely new project/draft and use the tutorial side by side, but maybe there’s a way to combine that scenario into one singular experience. Thoughts?


Is it similar to the out of box “Figma Basics” project work?

You can have a project set up with the tutorials, and import your team library. Then put it in a different place so that no one (or at least new joiners) has access, which forces them to duplicate and play with it. By doing this, any update to the team library and/or the tutorial file, new users would have a clean state?

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Ahh yes, thank you @Zhihao_Cui. I think that’s the right path to take here. Duplicating should drop in their drafts and allow them to play freely with the tutorial. :slight_smile:

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