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Running out of system memory on Apple Silicon (M1)

My M1 Mini (16GB/2TB) is running out of Application Memory while using Figma. It has happened a few times in the last week. The last time it happened, I had 7 or 8 tabs open and Figma was using almost 18GB of memory.

Closing files will reduce memory usage, but I didn’t have this problem on my old 2012 Retina MBP. This is new to my M1. Further, Figma has not reported any out of memory in the app.

For example, I currently have two files open and Figma is using ~8GB of memory. When I save them as local files they’re only 20MB & 279MB respectively.

Hope this helps debug the issue.


I’m also having an issue with Figma memory leaks. I am using the M1 Macbook Pro (16GB/2TB) and consistently Figma will take take all memory (>15GB) with maybe 5-7 file tabs open.