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Running desktop Figma on mac os 10.11.6


After installing update Figma 96.4 I can’t run Figma in on my old Mac Book Pro mid 2009.

Figma requires update my Mac to Os X 10.12 but it’s impossible for me.

It’s possible to recover older version of Figma?

Or can you provide please a link to Figma version that is compatible with Mac os 10.11.6?

Thank you a lot!

That’s a bummer! This happens when Figma updates the engine to the newer version. It’s not possible to download the old version of Figma, unfortunately. Even if you find it somewhere, you won’t be able to run it without updating.

The only option to prevent auto updates would be to try blocking connections to the updates server, which for me seems to be on So if someone still has the old version of the app and can share it here, maybe you can experiment with this.

But anyway, you can freely use Figma in the browser. Although not as convenient, it should still get the job done.

Thank for your help!

Same problem here.
Please help!
Thank you!

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