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Run 4 prototypes on iPads for MGMT demo at once using one account?

(I found similar topics, but no definitive answer)

Hi Figma people!

For a demo for management we need to run 4 prototypes on iPads at the same time.

We run Figma on iPad Safari for this (FirmaMirror not being stable enough for now). We have enough licences, but for usability we would like a single person to be setting up the whole thing without having to borrow other team-members Figma login credentials…

Is there a way?



You can log into multiple prototypes using the same login, and they should be different instances (so you’ll basically see 4 duplicates of yourself in the list of people in the file). So for the demo, you just need one account to open the prototype on multiple devices.

Good luck with the demo!

Thanks so much! That sounds promising!

Ideally they are 4 flows that are in the same file with each flow on a separate iPad.
I will try if that works and if not I copy the prototypes into 4 different files

thanks again

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