Rotation beyond 180 degrees

I find it hard to believe no one raised it before. Is there any chance rotation of more than 180° will be supported internally? Any work being done on it, or maybe this is impossible for some reasons?

I’d love to have it the way animation software handles it, i.e. you can enter multiples of 360° and it doesn’t reset to the nearest number between 180 and zero, but keeps the value and actually revolves the object multiple times. As probably anyone is aware, prototyping revolving objects is PITA. I know, Lottie FTW, but it would be so swell to have it right in Figma for quick microinteractions, loaders etc.

Running into a similar issue, where if you want to have control over the direction of the rotation, e.g. -180, it changes back to 180 degrees automatically and that means it’s rotating counter-clockwise, instead of clockwise.

Currently i’ve put it at -179.9, but would be nice if there was a proper solution for this & multiple rotations :slight_smile:

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