Right Side Design panel has disappeared

My right side panel has disappeared. I looked at a post with the same title; the recommendation was to use "command " or “command .” but the right panel is still missing (the left panel shows/hides with those commands, which I already know about). I’m wondering if I accidentally pressed some combination of keys and now my right panel went on a permanent vacation?! Please, Help? Thank you!

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It’s back now… I didn’t do anything. Maybe it just went out to grab a coffee?

Clarification, earlier I was trying "command " and “command .” to no avail… Maybe Figma was working on that component?

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Command + \ will open and close those panels

now I am getting the same problem

If you’re running 1Password, the "command+" shortcut opens 1Password. You need to disable or change that default shortcut in 1Password in order for it to work in Figma.