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Right-click menu causes underlying layer to unintentionally move when doing click-drag-release

I’m an oldschool Mac user. System 7 and earlier used click-drag-release to select menu items, and I’ve used it ever since. Now, most people use the Windows-style click-move-reclick to select stuff, even while OSes have the oldschool way baked in there (both Mac and Windows). Been doing it the old click-drag-release way for a couple decades straight now, because it’s faster and uses half the clicks.

Figma thankfully lets me do click-drag-release when I right-click (Ctrl-click) a layer for a popup menu.

However, when I drag down and release to choose an item in that menu, the layer underneath the menu also drags to wherever I released the mouse button. This is really annoying and now I have to walk on eggshells to use a right-click menu on a layer. I have to switch to the Windows-style click-move-reclick.

My request is when a right-click menu is engaged on a layer, to not let the layer underneath drag while the mouse is dragging to select something in that menu.