Review Resource email from Figma not supporting dark mode properly

I searched the forum and I couldn’t find any posts reporting this – I just started getting these prompts to “review these resources” emails from Figma. The problem is that they don’t seem to be rendering colors correctly for Dark Mode so I can’t read the texts for the resource names, see screenshot:

The light mode version shows the file names as expected.

Sidenote: it’s a bit awkward when there is zero padding in the bottom if I wanted to click the Manage your email notifications hyperlink

I’m using the native Mac Mail client, dark mode on a Macbook Pro – OS Ventura version 13.5.2

Thanks for flagging this to us, Johan!

We’ll pass this feedback onto our Email team to review and make improvements.

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I actually have a similar thing with any comment emails on iOS (multiple versions of 16 and now 17). I’m not in dark mode on my phone or email client (Canary) but the background alone seems to change. I’m not getting this with any other emails from anyone besides Figma. It’s been happening for a few months.

Hey Amy, thanks for the feedback!

After @Johan_Holst’s report from last week, our community team confirmed that this is a bug with certain emails that they’ve been tracking. They’re already working on a fix that they hope to push in the near future!

Same issue! Emails are illegible. I have to try to Select All to expose the text.
Can this be fixed? It really slows down work having these emails not readable.

Hey @BenK ,
Thanks for flagging this. Can you also confirm your iOS, and shared a quick screenshot so we can track your issue? Thank you!

This is happening on a desktop computer in browser.
I’m using Chrome and outlook for business.