Retrieve Element Name in Text Property


I was surprised that there’s no option to retrieve an element name (name you set in Layers panel) within a Text property.

I have an input with its label (on the left) that I put in a component. As you can see, the component is called “Inputs Set”.
And I was trying to put that component name in my “label” text element so that it would have “Inputs Set” value. When I searched online I found dynamic values that I thought could be used (like instance.mainComponent.parent or but that’s obviously not how it works:

By doing that, my aim was to retrieve the name of an instance and put its value in a Text element - here “Label” Text element. So that Form ID instance’s label Text would have “Form ID” instead of “Label”; “Requester” instead of “Label” etc…

Could you help please?
Thank you.

hey, I am trying to do exactly the same thing like what you mentioned.

now that I know this feature is yet available in Figma.

what I am trying to do here is that, I am creating tag with variance.

so, I may have different status i.e. created, draft, completed…

I name my variance with Property 1 = Variant 1 etc…

I would like the text to display exactly property 1 for each variant I created.

now that this feature is yet available, for each variant I need to type three times.