Restarting prototoype resets override size/spacing

I have prototypes with interactive component that have text overrides and/or layers turned off. When hitting the “Restart” button on the prototype, the text overrides keep the override text, but the width is reset to the original text. Also, if a layer in the default state is hidden, the layer content will stay hidden, but the original space will come back on restart.

For example, for a text input field:

  • Default label text is “Label”, override is “First name”. On restart, “First name” remains as the label, but the width of the text is the width of the word “Label”, so asterisk for required field collapses into the label.
  • Default has hint text below label, and override has the hint text turned off. On restart, hint text is still hidden, but the space taken up by the hidden text is there.

This didn’t seem to happen until the latest auto layout release. Has anyone experienced the same?


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