Restart Figma each time I activate a font

Each time I activate a font (via FontBase) I have to restart Figma (desktop version) in order to access the font. Is this normal behavior or is there a way for Figma to recognize when I activate a font so that I can start using it without restarting?

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. It appears there might be some font-related problems. Could you please verify if you’ve followed the instructions provided in this link:

If the issue continues, I also recommend reviewing the font troubleshooting guide here:

Generally, these two articles help to solve font issues, but please let us know if not!


Hi Toku, thanks for your response.

Unfortunately neither resource has helped isolate or solve the issue of newly activated fonts not being accessible from Figma until I restart the application. I’m going to list some additional info below in hopes that it sparks something, along with reaching out to the font manager application (FontBase) for additional support.

OS Sonoma
M3 chip
Figma desktop app
FontBase (font manager app)

I recently switched to FontBase due to Monotype’s decision to discontinue and stop supporting FontExplorer X font manager—which doesn’t work on silicon-based chips—and since I have been experiencing the issue in this post. I will follow up with FontBase on this too.

For what its worth, I use Adobe Fonts as a Font Manager with macOS Desktop Figma and experience the same behavior. Would love to see a solution that allows fonts to be added on the fly without restarting the Figma Desktop app.