REST API returns variant interactions instead of transition

  • Given a component instance (e.g button)
    • When the component has an interaction that swaps variants (e.g transition to variant on hover)
  • Given an instance of the component (e.g “start” button)
    • When used on a prototype (e.g on a “start screen”)
    • And the instance has a transition (e.g transition to “end” screen)
  • The API will return the variant transition (ie. transition to variant on hover)
  • The API should return the instance transition (ie. transition to “end” screen)

File id for reproduction (can’t post link): TfPV7bwYpEYkM6mqNYjQEq

Are you talking about the REST API or the Plugins API?

Hey @Gleb, thanks for the response. I am talking about the REST API.

This definitely sounds like a bug, I’d recommend you to reach out to Figma support team via the bug report form so they can send this issue to the appropriate team (they might miss it on the forum).

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