Responsive navigation menu - please help :(

Hello guys,
Please can anyone tell me how to make a responsive nav menu like on this video? I have no idea how to prepare this :confused:


There’s no option to make elements wrap in Figma yet, but since the menu only consists of text elements, you can fake it with just a text box.

@Artur_K you may be interested in this video! Figma tutorial: Auto layout navigation menu - YouTube

It’s a tutorial from Figma’s YouTube channel about building a navigation menu using auto layout.

Ohh I was afraid, that somoene will tell me something like this :frowning:

I’ve watched it already ^^ Unfortunetly it’s not helping me on this one case. Anyway thank you!

Ah, apologies, I might’ve misunderstood the original post. To clarify, is the issue that the text representing your menu items is wrapping to new lines?

If so, there’s a couple ways you can handle this:

Option 1) Use Variants to manage different breakpoints.

Option 2) Create separate components to manage different breakpoints.

With either option, you will have to manually adjust the component to the appropriate breakpoint range as you resize the frame that represents a screen.

If that’s a dealbreaker, take a look at Floweare’s “Breakpoints” plugin: Breakpoints | Figma Community

Thx for reply :wink: I think “Breakpoints” plugin should work :wink: Still, I think this kind of “option” should be implemented to Figma normally.