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Resize frame without constraints

Is there a way to resize a frame by entering its dimensions into the Design panel without causing the elements in the frame to attempt to adjust to the new size?
I realize that I can drag the boundaries of the frame directly while holding down the command key to achieve this, but typically I know the exact size I’m going for and it’s quicker and more precise just to punch in the number.


No, it’s not possible. There is an ongoing feature suggestion for this: Keying size values on a frame while ignoring constraints

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It is extremely frustrating to work on a frame that I cannot freely resize. I am developing UI and consistently find Figma horrible to use during the conceptualization process. This is such a minor feature that could speed up my work process tenfold. My solution thus far has been to copy the contents inside of the frame, delete them, resize the frame, and paste.

You can use some resizing plugins to simplify the process.