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Resize frame to fit creates extra white space

When I want to make my frame longer I create a rectangle within it with a longer height than the current frame. Sometimes when I then select the frame and “resize to fit”, it adds extra white space in the width even though none of the items in the frame are wider than the original size of the frame. This doesn’t always happen though.

Any idea what might be causing this? I have no assets/components that are 1460 in width, yet once “I resize to fit” 20px gets added to the width for some reason. The frame is also longer than my intended height, though that bothers me less… Still an issue though!

A stroke, a shadow or the bounding box of elements can contribute to that. Try removing objects from the frame one by one to see which one affects that. If you don’t find the objects, feel free to share the file link.

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The issue turned out to be the drop shadow underneath the header. A drop shadow with 0x but a blur of 10. Once I turned that off (removing objects did not work), I was able to resize my frame to fit without any issues. I suppose the edges of the drop shadow with a vertical blur of 10 affected the width of my new frame.
Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 15.15.15

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