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Resize a layer to the x2 with proportions using the K key

I couldn’t find a way to resize a layer, group, frame or component to the exact x2 size maintaining texts, styles and strokes proportional, like using the K resize, but using math, like Sketch resize feature.

It whould be awesome to find any way to do this without trying to fit the exact x2 size by dragging with the K resize option.

You can use a plugin called skale for that.

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I’ll try this plugin. Thanks!

Personally I feel the ability to scale by dimensions should be a native feature along with finding an elegant way to apply optional constraints to the current K freeform scaling feature.

Perhaps a well structured file, with defined Grids, Guides etc might achieve what I’m looking for, but it feels there’s a chance to opportunistically apply constraints (like Shift for cardinals, 45, 90 deg etc.)

Or is “there’s a plugin” acceptable to most users…?