Resetting account avatar not possible?

This may be a dumb question…

I uploaded an avatar to my account to replace the default first name initial avatar. However after a few days, I want to reset the avatar to the initial version rather than the image based one I uploaded. But it seems like there’s no way to do through the Account settings. Pressing on the avatar itself or “Edit” will simply prompt for a new image.

Can anyone confirm this is the case?

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Hey @frankjxl - not dumb at all. So the short answer is that profile pictures cannot be deleted once changed. There’s no* way at the moment to default back to just the letter, but you can click “edit” on your photo and upload a different one.

What I’ll do is move this topic over to our feedback board, so that others who are looking to have this capability can vote on it. That way, I can also make sure to track that you’d like to see an option to just remove a photo in the future for our product team.


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