"Reset scroll position" has a delay and "jumps" to top

I understand there were updates made to “reset scroll position” this year that are related to layer names. this is not my issue.

My issue is that when you have “scroll position reset” checked, there is a delay in Figma resetting this position, and you can see the prototype jump to top of screen. the prototype abruptly jumps to the top.

(yes i need to use smart animate between frames)

@addisonjames Would you be able to share a screen recording (or a copy of the prototype you’re working on) with us?

We can have someone in support take a look to see if there are any nuanced issues that may be affecting you. You can PM me and I’ll get a case set up for you.

I actually just figured it out. It was because of my layer name structure.

all my screens have a “content” group they sit in. once i rename those folders it fixed the issue.

thanks !

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