Require permission for Dev mode full seat on team❕

I’ve searched the forums and documentation and I can’t find if this is even possible. We’re getting devs and other non-designers logging in and choosing full design seats instead of Dev Mode or viewer seats. Is there a way I can change settings so that anyone requesting access will require approval for a full seat?

This is a very big problem within our team. For now all developers can’t use dev mode because some designs already got messed up. Our developers need dev mode to work productively, but they don’t want edit rights because they’re afraid they’ll mess up the designs.

Hope Figma will fix this big issue quick!


We’re facing the same issue with our Organization plan. We don’t want our developers to be able to edit design files.




No official answer? Figma is dead?

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I think they are pushing Organization/Enterprise sales… they want the money… that’s why … Even if Adobe didn’t finish the Figma acquisition, they are becoming like them… sadly