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Requesting to download the App

I ask potential users what they think of my App and when Figma loses connection I have to call someone and ask them to log in to my Figma and click on a frame.

Please allow me to download the App so I don’t have to run into this problem anymore (happens often).

Please and thank you.

What do you mean by download the app and why do you need someone to log into your Figma and click something?

I have an app idea and my design is on Figma. In order to get user feedback on the design I go around asking strangers to look at my App. I do that by using the Figma mirror Android app, but if it loses connection for whatever reason I can’t just reopen it. I have to get someone on a computer to log in with my credentials and click on a frame for me.

I see that Figma has two apps on the Google play store, one is Figma mirror (Which I have, that forces you to click on a frame while on a computer… Not ideal for me) one is Figma which I can’t download because it’s in an early access program, I’m asking to be apart of the early access program.

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