Request for improvement: independent states for UI panels (left & right)

Reminder: the UI panels are the left panel with layers and the right panel with Design / Prototype / Inspect tabs

Currently, the «Show / hide UI» action is global — if we open several windows and then hide / show the panels, this action will apply to all windows and all tabs, and all open documents.

UPDATE: Figma Desktop Mac app v.114.4 has “Show / hide UI” already independent. But showing / hiding individual panels is still global. It’s also impossible to hide the right panel without the left one.

In many cases we need to have different panels visible in different windows. For example, now I have one window on the smaller screen and I use it for reference, so I need more space for the canvas there. Another window is on the bigger screen where I design and I need both panels visible there. Sometimes you need to navigate the layers without changing any parameters on the right side. Please add your use cases in the comments.

So, the improvement would be to allow the panels be shown / hidden individually for each window. No need to remember these settings, just let it be in the user-defined state until the window is closed. Remember the state of the last window and use it for the next session.

Thanks a lot!

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