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Request better permission control for organization admin

Hi Figma friends, I’m a big fan of Figma and one of community advocates. Our company is using Figma Organization but there’re some issues confused me. Just throw it below and hope we can discuss it.

Figma is great, the only thing that makes me feel bad is permission control for admin. Although collaboration is the gene of Figma and we should reduce resistance for collaboration anywhere, but those issues of permission control have been making me frustrated as members scaling.

The issues include:

  • Unintended new editors emerge every day.
    We have limited budget so we have to control number of editors and some editors’ permissions are not necessary (Like developers)
  • Unintended guests emerge every day.
    Every one can invite guest into an organization, even the guest. More and more guests get into our organization, which will cause some safety problems.
  • They created empty teams.
    Everyone can create a team. Some people created some teams and then abandoned those teams, which makes it hard to find a specific team for members.

As an admin of our organization I have to remove their permissions or remind them one by one. This work wasted too many time for me. So I’m here, request some features for finer-grained permission control for organization admin.

Below is my concept design for this feature:

Also, can we have the feature to disable a viewer self-upgrade themselves as an editor? Or approval action needed?

This is a concept from my experience but more considerations and details need to be included, but I hope Figma can put it in a high priority.


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I feel there needs to be two levels of admin. Everything you mentioned here and add a second level of an admin who is not at the organizational level; however they can add projects and Users. Then an editor does not have the permission to add users or create a project.

Editors appearing is really concerning. I have to manually check this most days to ensure we wont get charged


Yeah, this can also solve this.

:sob: yeah, so painful.


For anyone watching this, this is a related thread expressing similar concerns:
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To give you an idea of the level of workaround-ism we’ve had to establish, this is the form with which we tell everybody to request access to Figma. A very manual process that doesn’t technically prevent any of the aforementioned risks:

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We also established a process for new editors and implemented a Chrome plugin to recognize unintended editors, but it can’t reduce too much work.

I’m quite baffled to learn that this essential administration feature / setting is not yet part of the organizational plan… For organizations it is basically a must to have control over who gets access. And this is not only about billing, but also about sensible data and projects which you don’t want everyone to get access to that simple.

Sure, Figma need to consider it.

Here is a fun little thing that can happen. A non-admin can invite an external person to your organization, they can grant themselves editor permissions, and then they can just do whatever they want to any of your files and materials without an admin ever knowing. It’s a terrible model. I’ve written feedback asking for this exact feature before. Please listen to this proposal.