Reposting someone else's unanswered aata question

(below is question another user had that went unanswered. I’m wondering the same thing)

I am working remotely and sometimes the location I am at have limited bandwidth with data cap.
I am wondering what’s the 1) average data transfer rate and 2) data usage of an active Figma file (i.e. adding new layers, items, prototyping etc. at a steady, working pace). I assume it can vary quite a bit, but any ball park numbers will help.

Or any guidelines on what actions requires how much data will help too.

I saved locally a 5 pages file once and it was ~500MB. It made me wonder if I just open that file online does it mean I should expect ~500MB data use every time I open it?
(I currently keep Figma files open as long as possible so I don’t have to reload them…)