Replying to Community comments

Community comments are a great way to connect with plugin/file users. But as a plugin creator, you can’t reply to comments or mention a comment writer in comments. Sometimes users ask questions about a plugin in the comments section, and you can’t reply to that specific comment.

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100% agree, this is a huge issue at the moment because users that left comments won’t get notified when you reply to them, since they are not tagged.

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Some proof for what is said above (I constantly tell people to not leave questions in comments). This is very annoying, we need replies in Community comments ASAP.


ASAP please! It’s really a problem.

Finally, Figma added mentioning in the community comments section.:fire: I’m waiting for hiding or pinning the comments like youtube comments.:pray:

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+1 to this. Please allow me to respond to people individually :heart: